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About Us

  • We measure our clients’ success as our success. Our goal is to form constructive,long-term professional relationship with our clients in Sydney.
  • We seek to do this by adopting an innovative and pro-active approach in understanding the business needs of our clients. As such, our professional staff assesses the needs and expectations of our clients and acts accordingly.
  • We are a group of qualified Accountants with over 37 years of experience and high achievers dedicated to create wealth for the benefits of our clients and beyond client’s expectation.
  • We embark to profit from our experience.
  • At CompTax we strive to cater for business of all types and individual from all backgrounds. Our services can provide you with the foundations of building a credible future that lasts.
  • We are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive Accountants you will find, but our solutions speak for themselves, offering you all the advice, guidance and support you could ever need, at a cost that is right for you.
  • We hope that by looking through this section you can see why we are different from other Accountants, and why your trust in us could prove to be successful in your financial gains for you or your business.

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Suite 608 | Level 6 | Office Suites | Westfield Parramatta 2150
3 Hours FREE Parking

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